Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Terms of Number and Position of Lost Teeth


  • Nabbiya Noor School of Dentistry, Islamabad.
  • Asifa Zubair Khyber College of Dentistry, Peshawar.
  • Bilal Ahmed School of Dentistry, Islamabad.


Oral health, quality of life, number, position, lost teeth


In order to evaluate the health status of a community, influence of ailment on quality of life must be taken into account. It seems that oral health related quality of life (OHRQOL) is influenced by tooth mortality. The objective was to review the available literature, correlating tooth loss with OHRQOL with special reference to number & position of missing teeth. Research papers published in English from 1990-2020 were searched. Case reports, reviews, studies on non-human subjects & medically marginalized patients were excluded. The number (greater than 12) & position (anterior) of missing teeth had considerably negative impact on OHRQOL. Furthermore, tooth mortality is associated with deteriorating physical, functional & psychosocial performance among the suffering subjects. Within the limitation of this project, it can be deduced that OHRQOL is negatively influenced by tooth mortality in terms of number & position of lost teeth. Thus, prevention of dental disease & preservation of natural dentition must be given due importance while formulation of dental health policy.




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Nabbiya Noor, Asifa Zubair, & Bilal Ahmed. (2023). Oral Health Related Quality of Life in Terms of Number and Position of Lost Teeth. Pakistan Journal of Medical Research, 62(2), 86–91. Retrieved from https://www.pjmr.org.pk/index.php/pjmr/article/view/213