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The Pakistan Journal of Medical Research (PJMR)  is the official journal of the Health Research Institute (HRI), National Institute of Health (NIH), Islamabad. The journal publishes original work in the fields of biomedical and clinical research, as well as, different aspects of public health contributed by the research projects sponsored by both the HRI and other organizations. The first issue of Pakistan Journal of Medical Research Volume 1, No.1 was published in July, 1958. The journal could not be published in 1960, therefore, issue No. 4 of the same volume was published in January, 1961. Since 1962, the journal has been published regularly, on a quarterly basis. It is distributed to all major medical institutions and libraries within the country and abroad. We are receiving approximately 60 medical journals through reciprocal basis, including 35 from abroad and about 25 from local publications.

The purpose of the contents, abstracts and full texts of the articles of all FOUR issues of previous year and the published issues of current year, is to enable the readers to identify documents containing information of relevance and importance to their interest, as well as, to keep themselves informed of the programme of current and previous research work carried out under the aegis of the HRI. We hope this  will help the research scientists in their endeavour to look for papers of their interest.


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Pakistan Journal of Medical Research (ISSN : 0300-9842) is published quarterly (one volume per year) by the Health Research Institute (HRI), National Institute of Health (NIH), Islamabad.

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